Friday, July 28, 2017

"Fragmentum Continua" Exhibition 2016

   I see art as the bridge to the subconscious. As an artist, I want to shed the layers of the imprints and attitudes imposed upon us by our developed matrix of perception, and explore how deep this process can go. Of course, such an endeavor yields a variety of results. My goal is produce works that pierce through those layers–through rational consciousness. The resultant creation does not derive meaning from itself, but because it is a fragment of a dialogue and a dialogic fragment engaging with the now.
Nocte Omnium Sanctorum

Jesus maria
The Three Graces

Monday, October 19, 2015

Quantum oscillator - report of the performance art group "Srach" 56th Venice Biennale

"Who am I?
For the viewer at the exhibition - part of the installation?
For the owner of the exhibition - Hooligan disruptive?
For the author of the work - Bastard spoil the ideas?
For you - the actor obscure video on YouTube?
I do it all.
I'm much more.
I quantum oscillator, which is spread all worlds and all times.
You will not understand"


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Matrix of perception

The composition symbolizes how one perceives the matter of the outside world in relation to its own matter.
Following Ariadne's thread, at first, the subject can't see anything. Then, the image of the labyrinth (the world) appears before him/her. The subject may see that the base (the greatest part of the space) is covered by a grid. (The labyrinth is perceived as a grid.) Furthermore, the walls themselves - which form a graceful circle (a perfect shape) - make up a system, of rules and imprints created by man.
Being outside the system, one may recognize that the end goal of the system (the labyrinth) lies in the center, its axis of symmetry. This goal portrays the union of three pyramids.
The pyramid itself is a virtual symbol of man's ascension. The formation consisting of the three pyramids does not allow the possibility of ascension. It merely shows the direction of motion. The eye inside the pyramid is the symbol of God, observing humans. In addition, one can see three eyes in the shape, emblematic of the Holy Trinity.
The bill, which forms the background of the composition represents the material world. From the outside, one may observe the sole purpose of existence at the beginning of the road, but as soon as he/she enters the labyrinth, that goal disappears. And only if one manages to go through the labyrinth does he/she have a chance to glimpse the pyramid of recognition (or to be exact, its base), only to come to the understanding that in fact, one can not proceed.